Measuring Career Growth Related to Organisational Movement
for Junior and Senior Researchers


Global competition for talented researchers has intensified in recent years, and increasing organisations, such as Google and Microsoft, are growing rapidly by attracting talented researchers. In the computer science field in particular, more young researchers have been engaged in research. From the researcher perspective, they want to move to an organisation that will allow them to experience more career growth; however, existing organisational metrics equate organisational growth with individual growth and do not quantify whether a researcher can really grow after moving. In this study, we clarify researcher growth from organisational movement using 5.6 million articles published between 1970 and 2018 via Scopus. By analysing the characteristics of the influx of researchers to growing organisations in recent years by career stage, we identify the differences in the impact of research organisations on junior and senior researchers and consider the current strategies of various organisation. The findings show that, while they move to similar organisations, the organisational environments in which junior researchers and senior researchers can experience career growth differ. This analysis contributes to a better understanding of researchers’ career trajectories and organisational strategies for scientific innovation.