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Quantifying Wide Research Gap in Academia Toward Paper Recommendation

Research Outline


  New knowledge emerges from areas that have already received attention, which is known as the bandwagon effect. However, science has experienced nonlinear growth by exploiting wide research gaps where the link between knowledge has not yet been recognized.  This research aims to support researchers' creativity by focusing on the delayed recognition in science to automatically extract wide research gaps and utilize them in the paper recommendation.

Research Progress

[2023.03] Invited Talk in 1st Science of science conference in Japan hosted by Science of science research group. [website(Japanese)].
[2023.12] Accepted our papers(Japanese) at the 14th conference on Transdisciplinary Science and Technology.
[2023.05] Published my feature article(Japanese) to Journal of Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence.
-  Discussion of why discovery utilizing knowledge gaps is needed, especially with recent developments in the AI domain.
[2023.02] Accepted our papers at ISSI2023 as a poster[TBD].
- We improved the method of identifying papers utilizing knowledge gaps and created a dataset.