Takahiro Miura(三浦崇寛) 


Dr. Takahiro Miura (三浦 崇寛 in Japanese) is a government official with a Ph.D. in Engineering, specializing in Technology Management for Innovation from the Graduate School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo. His research interests encompass Scientometrics, Science of Science, Technology Management, and Network Science.

He is seeking to reveal the unknowns of the development of science through a data-driven approach to help our decision-making, especially focusing on delayed recognition in science, known as Sleeping Beauty or Slow-cited papers. He has been publishing in journals such as Applied Network Science and Journal of Informetrics and actively participating in conferences such as ISSI, ICSSI, IC2s2, and PICMET.

He aims to contribute to a comprehensive and objective understanding of the current state of science on a large scale by proposing new metrics and evaluating existing metrics to contribute to the effective utilization of research intelligence by policymakers and research support institutions.

Current Status


Research Interests

Recent News

[2024.03] Awarded Dean's Award for Doctoral Dissertation, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo.
[2024.03] Upload preprint to Arxiv.
[2023.03] Invited Talk in 1st Science of science conference in Japan hosted by Science of science research group. [website(Japanese)].
[2023.12] Accepted our papers(Japanese) at the 14th conference on Transdisciplinary Science and Technology.
[2023.08] Published our discussion paper(Japanese) to the National Institute of Science and Technology Policy Library (NISTEP).
[2023.08] Invited Talk to ICS-NLC joint research group hosted by IPSJ and IEICE. [website(Japanese)].
[2023.05] Published my  feature article(Japanese) to Journal of Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence.
[2023.04] Accepted our papers at IC2S22023 as a poster(first) and oral presentation(co-author). I will be in Copenhagen from 7/17 to 7/20.
[2023.04] Accepted our papers at ICSSI2023 as a poster(co-first, co-author). I will be in Evanston from 6/26 to 6/28.
[2023.02] Accepted our papers at ISSI2023 as a poster(first) and oral presentation(co-first). I will be in Indiana from 7/1 to 7/6.
[2023.01] Accepted our journal paper to Journal of Informetrics.

Recent Publication

Revisiting the uniformity and inconsistency of slow-cited papers in science

Journal of Informetrics 2023

Measuring Career Growth Related to Organisational Movement for Junior and Senior Researchers


Storyteller: The papers co-citing Sleeping Beauty and Prince before awakening

ASIS&T SIG-MET workshop 2021

Large-scale analysis of delayed recognition using sleeping beauty and the prince

Applied Network Science 2021

Classifying Sleeping Beauties and Princes Using Citation Rarity

Complex Networks and Their Applications 2020

Identifying Affiliation Effects on Innovation Enhancement



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